Custom chef knives

Every craftsman has their tools of the trade. Handymen carry around tool boxes, artists carry around their choice pencils and brushes, and chefs are very, and understandably, picky about what utensils they use in their kitchens.

custom chef knives

One thing you may not have considered as a chef is a custom set of utensils or tools, specifically customized chef knives. You have trained for years. Customizing your knife set can be one of the small, yet very uplifting things, you can do to take yourself to the next level. Customized kitchen utensils or tools also make for great gifts for customer appreciation or at culinary trade shows.

Your go-to knife for all kitchen tasks can become even more special. Our stainless steel knife includes the option of a 0. Ideal for cutting through bread or other dense and hard items requiring a bit of help, you can get a number of these engraved with your personal signature.

You can take this already unique piece to the next level with an engraving on the handle. This is a great offer to your customers or even to offer at tradeshows. If you work with pastry at all in your restaurant, getting a customized flat cake knife can be a great option. LoTech was founded in as the premiere reusable plastic pie, cake, and pizza server company in Colorado. We work with most logo desires and design needs to get you a perfectly customized set of tools for your kitchen, both at home and in your professional restaurant.

Explore our options and find what is perfect for your kitchen to bring flare and personal touch to the products you serve to your customers. Your email address will not be published. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Serrated Knife Ideal for cutting through bread or other dense and hard items requiring a bit of help, you can get a number of these engraved with your personal signature.

Making a custom chef knife from Stainless Steel, resin and live edge burl handle

Flat Cake Knife If you work with pastry at all in your restaurant, getting a customized flat cake knife can be a great option. LoTech Sales. What are the variety of claims Personal Injury Lawyers Take on? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Custom handmade kitchen knives. Unique and strong handmade paring knives. Custom to order. From the boreal. BC, Canada. Custom made with the finest materials. Unique and one of a kind. All blade steel is recovered and re-purposed.

Modern carbon steels from the lumber industry. Handle materials are recovered from artisans, orchards and the boreal forest. The knives will take and hold razor sharp edges.

Everything we make has a lifetime guarantee for craftsmanship and materials. Kitchen knives made by hand. Below are examples. Pick a style you like or have us build a custom design. Please visit our Kitchen and Chef Knife Index page.

A page with links to the full array of chef knives, Japanese knives and kitchen knife sets we make. Strong paring knives made custom to order. All our paring knives can be designed to carry in a sheath on a belt. Send us the picture of the knife you are interested in. We recover and re-purpose quality high, carbon steels and handle materials.We absolutely love our knife.

The Best Choice in Custom Chef Knives

Hands down the best knife we have ever owned. Loved the idea that we can design a knife based on our own likes and needs. Welcome to Ken Avery Knives - maker of handmade custom kitchen knives intended for everyday use. My mission is to create the finest handmade culinary knives that provide the ultimate in functionality, value, and aesthetics. It is great to have a kitchen knife that cuts great and feels good to use all day.

There are many ingredients that go into creating high end custom kitchen knives. Technical expertise, artistry, and the best steels available are the most important. There are many steels available for making knives. At Ken Avery Knives I use the best of the best. I have chosen the top 9 steels available including three super tough, high carbon stainless steels CPM, S35VN, and Elmax considered to be the top of the food chain for stainless kitchen knife steels.

I also offer 5 high carbon steelsW2,and CPM M4 that are considered to be the best knife steels available for high carbon, non-stainless steel kitchen knives. While all of our steels have specific properties that make them unique, they all offer extreme sharpness, maximum durability, and great edge retention. I offer one other stainless steel AEB-L for all of our knives.

AEB-L is great stainless steel that offers many of the best properties of both stainless and standard high carbon steels. AEB-L makes a really good knife at a reasonable price point making it a great option for those that want a really good stainless steel knife on a budget. Whether you are a professional chef, the primary cook at home, or you just enjoy whipping something up every once in a while, there is nothing better than having a high performance handmade chefs knife to work with.

Ken Avery Knives makes handmade kitchen knives for any chef, of any gender, or any size. Each knife can be fitted to your specific requirements. Like a larger heavier knife? We have you covered. Petite, full-time female chef? We have a knife that will fit you to a tee and be pleasure to use all day long. Just starting your career and need a knife on a budget?

We can help. There are several ways to get your hands on a handmade kitchen knife from Ken Avery Knives. I offer a few ready-made kitchen knives and semi-custom handmade chefs knives based on the profiles that I am most comfortable with.

For sporting knives, I offer only semi-custom knives. Use the Design and Purchase menus to design your perfect culinary or sport knives. Make sure you join our email list to get 48 hours advance notice on the latest knives we are adding to the ready-made page! Read about the available profiles, steel choices, and handle choices.

Handcrafted quality! Each knife is made from solid bars of the finest high carbon knife steel I can find. Carbon steel knives are forged to shape by hand, heat treated in house, hand ground and hand sharpened.Most of our products are custom made to order. Browse our Design Your Own collection to get ideas and initiate your own custom order. As always, we are happy to provide personalized assistance to help you design the perfect knife, set, or gift. Call us at for a complimentary custom order consultation.

Be sure to see our selection of "Quick Gifts". These items are made with the same high quality materials and workmanship as our custom order items. Our Quick Gift inventory is never the same, so check back often. We are happy to answer questions or take your order over the phone.

Please call us at for personalized assistance. See how the light dances off the handforged blades and the exquisite koa curl in this video of a custom piece steak knife set in a handcrafted presentation box.

custom chef knives

Watch this video of a combination steak knife and carving knife set featuring our clip-point edition of blade styles with extra decorative custom handles set in a presentation box of exotic and rare curly koa wood. We do not sell through any third-party sites, including Amazon, Etsy and eBay.

custom chef knives

As a Hawaiian-based artisan, our signature wood is the rare and exotic Hawaiian curly koa. Koa is known for its rich colors, grain patterns, and chatoyance, which gives the grain pattern an almost iridescent quality that seems to dance and change hues in different lighting.

In perfect symmetry with our handcrafted exotic wood handles, our cutlery products are made with individually hand-forged Japanese stainless steel or carbon-forged blades that are among the sharpest, most precise cutting instruments in the world. Every piece created by Salter Fine Cutlery is a labor of love, designed and handcrafted by Gregg Salter.

Formally trained in the art of fine woodworking, Gregg has combined his passion for Old World woodworking techniques with his lifelong interest in knives to create products that have modern functionality with the quality that can only be achieved through true hand-craftsmanship. At Salter Fine Cutlery, we have been creating custom kitchen knife sets for over ten years.

The Best Custom Chef Knives: Ratings & Reviews (2018 Edition)

Each one has been created to fit our clients personal cooking needs as well as compliment their personal kitchen design and decor. Will you be eating at home more this spring?

Need a special gift for birthday, anniversary, or wedding? Starting this week through the end of April, we would like to sweeten our already sweet knives a little more. Custom Cutlery - Designed to Order Most of our products are custom made to order.

See the beauty of curly Koa wood Watch this video of a combination steak knife and carving knife set featuring our clip-point edition of blade styles with extra decorative custom handles set in a presentation box of exotic and rare curly koa wood. Sign up for our newsletter Sign up for our newsletter to receive advance notice of new products plus special discounts.Do you enjoy getting busy in the kitchen?

As any chef knows, having a set of top chef knives is extremely important. And if you want to be able to perfectly slice and dice a wide range of ingredients, you need some top chefs knives.

However, there are lots of different types of knives to choose from, which can make the selection process rather tricky. The best chef knives come in a wide range of different shapes, styles, and sizes. The last thing you want is to have to constantly sharpen your knife. Even though sharpening a chef knife is fairly quick and easy, it has to be done just right. If you are not careful, you could chip or dent the edge of your knife with incorrect sharpening.

This model is made of a high carbon formula that boasts 57 Rockwell hardness. This means that it is able to retain its edge remarkably well.

The special Friodur blade has been ice hardened to help make it especially durable. The edge has also been sharpened using a laser. No matter how hard or tough your ingredients are, you can be sure that this knife will slice through them with ease. The blade is paired with a smart black handle that has been ergonomically shaped.

It is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and provide you with a good grip. A set of three large rivets are set into the handle so you can be sure that it will stay firmly in place. All in all, you are sure to find that this model requires little or no maintenance. The excellent edge retention helps to make this one of the best knives for chef. If you have small hands, you are likely to find that a regular knife is a bit too heavy and thick.

This can make it rather difficult to get the grip you need when slicing and dicing. With its thinner and lighter design, this may well be the best chefs knife for people who have small hands. The handle has been specially tapered and comes complete with a thumb groove. One of the great things about this model is the fact that it is supplied with a lifetime guarantee.

This means that you can be sure that this knife will really last. The knife was created using a special heating and cooling process to help make it especially strong and sharp. The edge of the blade has been angled so that it is suitable for all types of kitchen tasks.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Chef Knives

Nulla sit amet tellus imperdiet, fermentum quam id, tincidunt metus. Welcome to Houston Edge Works where high performance, world class kitchen and professional cutlery is custom handcrafted one at a time from advanced, premium, and exotic materials available. I use stainless and carbon steels that can achieve and maintain the sharpest edges and have advanced alloy properties that resist abrasion and maximize edge retention to a level not available by commercial blades.

Each custom knife is individually designed and hand made by me in my shop to be the finest culinary tool in your kitchen.

They are designed for both the culinary professional, home chef, and pathologist and will provide a lifetime of service and enjoyment. My inspiration is from the best and classic designs of Japanese, French, and German blades with modern and custom modifications for optimum performance and comfort. Handles are custom designed for optimum comfort and ergonomics and can be specially designed for your needs, hand size, grip style, or grip strength.

I can customize handles for those who have suffered hand injuries or have arthritis. Materials available include exotic woods and burls, carbon fiber, fiberglass composite Gprecious metals, and gems.

Featured Information Area. No Yes. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.Why purchase a custom made knife? Each material is hand picked for its designed task. Every hand made blade has its own character and there will only ever be one like it in the entire world! Utilitarian tools are a definite focal point for Doberman Forge. Tools are there to improve our lives, and a well-crafted kitchen knife does just that!

A well-balanced chef knife that has a razor sharp, easily serviceable edge makes food prep fun again and efficient! Outdoor knives are a staple in the life of a Service member, Hunter, or outdoors-man! Whether you are using it as a camp knife, whittling, hacking brush, or skinning wild game… a quality made blade makes the world of difference. High quality blades can last life times when maintained. Doberman Forge is named for an amazing, late family pet, a courageous guard dog as well as a beloved family companion, stereotyped as highly aggressive and viscous, a formidable guardian.

Akin to the strengths of the Doberman breed, we strive to pound the same qualities into our blades: Elegance designintelligence making processattentiveness attention to detailloyalty everlasting.

A friend for life, a one-of-a-kind knife! There is a neat little show happening for the next 3 weekends in south Charlotte, NC at a local brewery:…. It was very exciting for me this year! This year was the very first…. I will be exhibiting for the 2nd year at Blade show located in Atlanta Georgia at the Cobb Galleria!

Introducing my newest line of kitchen knives! These knives are very function forward. This is my third production run —…. Come see me this coming weekend, April — Saturday 27 Catch me and a table full of my wares….

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